I have finally been given the task of completing our history. I was first given this task during the final war, however since I was in charge while the king had recently gone through the emerald door, there was no time for such things. Now all these have come to pass and peace once again is upon us, now I know you find my words off, for as all you know, we have been peace since the last kings were defeated. All things will be clear. we are now in peace and as far, as can be seen, there will never be war again. So in comfort and peace of body and mind, I write the history of all things that have come to pass to bring about this great age and to write how it was our king’s relentless vision that has made these things possible. In essence, it is the story of our king. Let us begin, our king was born in slavery on the western continent. There are 2 continents the east and west, each one is broken up into provinces 35 in the east .42 in the west. Each continent has a great king that rules the whole continent, and he has leaders and armies that rule each province in his name.

When our king was 4 years of age they put him to work with the rest of the slaves in the fields. He learned fast and worked hard. He loved the sting and burn he got from working hard. As he got older he started to notice that armies would train just close enough for him to watch. So he would watch them and learn all he could. At age 10 is when he started to sneak out of the compound to go train in the jungle. He did this for years working in the field sneaking out at night train, sleep a little then do it again .after years of this his body could heal in 2 hours as if he slept the whole night.

One day they brought in a new village they had just captured. Amongst them was a young man around the age of our king. The two of them quickly became close friends, more than brothers. This young man is, in fact, myself, the one writing these words. Now they had grown in trust, so the king decided to tell and show him his training spot and training strategies, that he had been perfecting over the years. He also told him of an elite army that trains somewhere in secret, that he had not found yet, but assured him that one day he would. As the years went by the boys became young men and had sharped each other into perfect weapons. No one knew they worked hard were quite, caused no trouble. Then one night while out in the jungle they came across the elite armies training site. So night after night they would come and watch, then practice what they had seen. Then they start changing and creating their techniques, creating a style of their own. Now never once did they do anything other than sneak out, that could have gotten them in trouble, so they thought they had been going unnoticed, or so it had seemed. However one night while our king was alone on a small beach surrounded by jungle, he was training an elite soldier who tried to attack him. Now as things are, our king had already trained himself far beyond the elite soldiers of this army and killed him flawlessly. He tied rocks to the soldier’s body and rolled it into the water. As the body rolled into the water, a huge rip in the sky appeared and a wild-eyed warrior was glaring back at him from within it. As he looked at this warrior and whatever he could get a glimpse of in this tear was truly unreal. This warrior was surrounded by mounds of dead inhuman bodies .he was standing in one of those pile of bodies with one beast in his hand and sword overhead ready to strike, but the body was already slumped dead, So now he glared at our king though this rip in time. The king’s friend showed up and the rip disappeared. The king told his friend all that he had done and all that he had seen. They talked of these things and crept back to the compound just hoping nothing would come of all this. Sleep was uneasy, morning came fast, but the day went without trouble. The next day went the same, however, the third day was when it all hit. All the cells in our quarter were brought before the leader of this province, he informed us that an elite soldier had been killed and that instead of slaughtering all of us, we are going to be traded to the eastern slave trade ship that had arrived early this morning. So the king his mother and his friend along with the rest of the slaves from that quarter were traded and put on the ship and headed for the east continent.

The king and his close friend, which is me, I will refer to myself as such from now on. So the king and I sat for many hours forging our plan. We soon realized it would be easy for us to slip out into the water at night. There were so many people none would notice us. So the king said goodbye to his mother. Told her he would find her and set her free. We had noticed during the day that we were coming to a place where land narrowed in on each side, we thought this would be a perfect chance. So we waited until night and slipped into the water and swam under the water to shore, and did not come out of the water until the ship was a good ways off. When the ship was out of sight we climbed ashore. We waited till a little while longer before we started a fire to dry off and get warm. We decided to get sleep and start our quest in the morning. As we were sleeping a pack of hyenas surrounded us, we awoke, the king looked at my eyes wild with excitement, go to that tree and close your eyes he told me, I will tell you when to open them or if I need help you’ll know now go, he hissed. So I went to the tree but did not close my eyes at least not as of yet. The king moved to the center of the circle where the fire was he crouched over it with his tunic. The hyenas snarling and slowly closing in on him, he jumps onto the fire smothering it out, that’s when it all happened. I did not need to close my eyes I could not see anything when the fire went out. But I could hear and what I heard was blood-curdling. I could hear him tearing them apart. I could hear them trying to get away and him getting them, it sounded so brutal I covered my ears and still closed my eyes even though I couldn’t see. After what felt like forever, the king finally tapped me on the shoulder, It’s ok my friend was good exercise and now we have food he said .so we restarted the fire cooked and ate some food talked, thought for a while and went to sleep.

We awoke when the sun was high already. I knew that if we had been in any more danger the king would have long awakened and dealt with it, for in all my years as his friend he never slept more than 2 hours a night some days no sleep, it never wore on him. So this was very strange to see. As we were waking still lying on the ground our king looked to me and said, my friend that was the most peaceful sleep I have had in my life so far. We should fight for this cause, that all men would have this peace. So all men could sleep in the peace of mind without fear. However my friend the road to peace is paved in much blood, the blood of these terrible rulers of both the east and west continents and those that follow them .however when we are done all this peace will reign on this world, are you with me, my friend. I said that I was yes, until the very end. So right then and there we formed our plan. First, we were to separate and become mercenaries join rebels and as many campaigns as we each could, gaining alliances with only the best of the best .however our king was the best he was known for being inhuman in battle nothing or no one in his league. He said that we would be eventually contracted to kill each other, and at that point, we start the second stage in our plan. You will see all this as everything unfolds. So we agreed to the plan and set off each our way. To hone our skills forge alliances, all for the greater end. As time went by we each became well known as being amongst the most skilled warriors. Our king was known as being the most fierce and skilled of them all. He was respected by all warriors he came across, even the ones that hired him would tremble as they would humbly ask him to join their campaign.

Well as things went I finally had been contracted to kill our king, as well he had been contracted to kill me. I could get into the politics of this however it holds know to bear, for all the politics were about to change. So we met in secret to talk about where and how we would start. We decided to go after the ones that hired him to kill me first because he was sure that they had their hand in the contract on his head as well. For they feared him and wanted him dead as well. We decided that we were going to take the two provinces capitals ourselves to earn the loyalty and respect of all the people we were going to call to help us in our campaign. Each of us through our travels had collected at least 1000 men, and the king had also collected names of men he wanted as leaders, healers, treasures and wise men.These he had collected as well.He was going to build a continent. So we went to the castle of the ones that hired our king first. We utterly decimated them, we slaughtered everyone, not one man stood. Without rest, we rode to the province that had hired me to kill our king. There as well we slaughtered them all, none escaped us. At that point, we sent messages out to all we had found in our travels, in whom was a good heart and great in his corresponding skill. We told them it had begun .we have taken the two most northern provinces, or at the least the capital and strongholds were ours. No armies or leaders of the great king of this continent are here, it is ours. Here we will start. It did not take long and they all started to show up. The first was the warriors eager to fight for the right cause for once.To know that know betrayal laid in wait for them only freedom and peace. Then the rest started showing up. When all had arrived our king rallied them all together, in one place. He went over the plan with them all and gave tasks to the ones he had picked for these provinces. The treasurers he told to open the vaults and distribute the money amongst the people. The advisors he told to open the storehouses and make sure all have to eat so none may steal. I told the healers to go through the land teaching people how to heal body mind and spirit. Wise men go through the land as well and teach all men in all things, as well as teach growth in one’s skill. For all contribute .all men have gifts. So he gave them all instruction in the things they were to do.And all went and did according to his word. The people in these provinces were pleased with the new ruler’s changes and resisted not.For they all despised the great king of their continent and had hoped for a change for many years. Now the king turned to his army, full of the greatest of all warriors on this continent. So humbled that they all came .now his heart quickened by the idea that now he was responsible for all these men, he did not want to let them down and by his will, he won’t. The ruler of this continent had not sent help for these two provinces that were his and are now ours. Our king figured he thought we would be stopped before we got to him, so he sent no one to help or recapture them. Our king told them of all these things and his plan, and how they were going to execute it. So we went forth and started our campaign. Now to tell you of all the battles that we had been in would fill a whole library. I am told that our king’s wife is writing about the battles of our king. However, some battles cannot go without saying and some that should not. As we began to take more territory the armies to which we fought against started growing more and more large and violent, and really some just crazy. All trying to be the ones to stop us. Now, this was in a time before our king had gained the companionship of kumbaya. Most of you only have known our king with her but there were battles before this union. One such time was when we were camped, going to take over a city the next day. Our king was out training while we all slept, he did this whenever he could, even when at war.While out he came across the enemy camp, so he went off and gathered together a herd of elephants and ran them through the camp, running in with them killing any man that does not get trampled.He came back to the camp making a bunch of noise waking us all, there he was standing with the enemy’s flag. He brought us to their camp to see and collect weapons rations and so forth.The time he won Kumbala was truly a sight to see.We were facing a massive army, battle lines were drawn there was about 200 feet between the two armies. Face to face we were. The other army had two leopards one black the other spotted.Our king turns to us and said stay here I go forward alone, however, watch for their hearts they will fail at one point, this you must see and attack then. We have set men on the sides that no one has seen yet, they will come at this time as well, and so the archers will strike just before we can meet the other army. So our king went out to the center of the battlefield and waved out their leader. He laughed at our king mocked him, then open the cage with the black leopard. The leopard ran straight for our king, he did not move, not until the leopard leaped at him, he rolled underneath it as it was in the air, hammered his hand under the leopard’s rib cage and tore out its heart, spun it in the air and landed on it heart in hand.As soon as this happened the other army let the spotted leopard out, it came hard at our king, and when it got to him all you saw was dust.So much dust that neither army could see what was happening. Then it stopped and when the dust had settled our king was on top choking the leopard out, it was starting to pass when our king stopped and gave her mercy.He let it go, and from that day forward she never left his side.She was in all our battles from then on as well. Anyway at this moment when he had beaten her the army that sent her at our king now stood their hearts failing swords and shields dropped and we attacked utterly destroyed them.This is how Kumbala came to be with us. We had just taken 3 new provinces and were resting in a castle we had just taken. Our king and kumbala went out to do some training as they liked to do whenever they could. Now from what I am told and from what I saw, they were out training and ran across a pride of lions.Our king and kumbala figured it would be fun to challenge this pride so they did and won. For when they returned the pride had followed them. Our king thought since they were here we might as well see if they will help our cause. So he laid out the plan for taking the next kingdom utilizing the lion pride. In the morning we had seized the perimeter, we had let no man escape so the castle had no warning of us coming. As we surrounded the castle we could hear that there was a celebration going on. Our king walked into their main room, when he had done this it all went silent, Then their leader spoke up started daunting and mocking our king for coming in alone was he a fool.Our king smiled looked over to this leader and asked if he would like to surrender.The leader laughed at our king, then kumbala came in the room then the lion pride, now these leaders laughing and mocking now turned to fear to clutch his sword he was not going to surrender and this we knew, he could not win and they did not, we massacred them. Doing this and the other strategies our king used in a battle word was spreading across the continent of all these strange but deadly war strategies. Of which I have written 4 volumes in the main library of our king’s war tactics and strategies. As you might have already guessed that we took no prisoners or should I say only when we had a use for prisoners in battle, they never lived long anyway. We would cut their tongue out and brand the back of their head then put on our battle raiment. Then we would use them in many different ways, we would use them as fear tactics, sometimes by killing them in front of the other army, they would think we were killing our men, we used them to carry in what we call the cradle of fire into the enemies army then it explodes and everyone dies .War is cruel and we utilized any and everything we could, we had made battle an art, we had done it so much by now it was like breathing already we could not be stopped and we would not be. We conquered all 35 provinces.We had taken the great king of this continent and everyone in-between, all the armies fell, even their mightiest armies fell all laid to waste.We had more than 35 battles for this continent is full of armies fighting in the name the king all corrupt. We had fought them all and won. So things grew and became as they are now on this continent. With our king as ruler of this continent, creating the world that he had envisioned for everyone, a place of peace and wisdom. In case you think I have forgotten about our king’s mother I did not. He found her as a slave in the king’s castle, now she sits at his side. Our king set his sights now on the western continent the one which he was born on. He gathered his armies together. Then something strange happened tens of thousands of men dressed in battle raiment came to join us, these were warriors from the kingdoms before the evil one that we had just conquered. Normally these men would be long dead for their ages ranged from 650 to 700 years. However, we have been living in a strange time where men do not age as they should. So these men joined our campaign. We sailed to the west continent. It was a massacre.The western armies were extremely violent full of warmongers. The takeover was long and intense.Years went by until finally, we had taken the whole continent. We set all-new good leaders in place to take care of all the people justly and peacefully. We keep some men here in the west also they will be checked on 3 times a year to make sure all is well. We sailed back to the east to where we call home now, and to where our kingdom awaits us. Now from the start of our campaign until now has been 300 years .300 years of blood. Like I had said before men do not age like they should our bodies age till 30 then stop, our king is the only one with white hair, his hair is if snow however now stained red no longer can it be washed out. When we returned it was to an amazing celebration, for we had sent some ships on up ahead to tell of all that had happened. So we ate we drank, laughed and talked until sunrise. Now from that day forward, there was no war. Our king ruled for 1500 years of peace.Then he had the dream, the dream of the emerald door.For in our culture men dream of an emerald door then 3 days later an emerald door appears in your chamber and you have to walk through it. We don’t know where it leads no one has ever come back and no one has ever refused. We believe the gods are in charge of this.As expected within 3 days the door appeared, I and his mother happened to be in the room when it appeared. He made me a king and charged me with the care of his mother. He stepped through the door and was gone. Now reading this you might think I have my history wrong. Well, bear with me a little longer before you judge me mad. He went through the door and was now gone, I and his mother looked at each other, heartbroken. Our king had built a paradise on this planet. He enjoyed it for 1500 years. Now had to go, something felt off about the whole thing. And we were to find out why. You see the divine determines who goes through the door, we have no control of this. It did not take long before strange things started to happen. Huge things started to come out of the sky, some hung in the air while others would appear and disappear at will. Then it happened a full-on assault of our planet, and they did not look like men they were creatures or something we could not tell. We had never seen such things before. We fought and fought the battle was fierce and we were losing badly. We had been losing thousands a day, it was unreal. Now once again you must be thinking that my memory is failing me, for you would remember no war especially with creatures you had never seen.Listen to me a little further and all will become clear. Now the next part I only know as was told to me by our king. He told me that after he had gone through the emerald door, he was instantly attacked by the gods and devils. He said he had fought with them for time immeasurable. But as things go the place where he was there was no time. Time did not exist here. He battled with them for what felt like forever. When finally he could see nothing moving as far as he could see. He looked around and there were mounds of these god and devils scattered all over the terrain ,then he remembered that time on the beach when he was a young man and he had just killed that elite soldier and that rip in the sky appeared, this was the scene he had saw this that was before him now in real no vision this time , he stood there and thought hard about that time when all of a sudden a rip in the fabric of time appeared and he could see himself on the beach rolling the soldier into the water. Realizing this he spoke out to himself, and told him of all things and that when he was to enter the emerald door he was to take his armies through or all would be lost. For he could not do it alone. Our king could hear movement behind him they were coming multitudes of gods and devils were pouring over the landscape. For the first time in his life our king’s heart sank, he shouted through the tear make sure you do these things or it is all lost, and the rip closed. Now I will not claim to know how time works or things of that sort, sort themselves out. What I do know is that all of a sudden the war stopped on this side of the door and our king was standing before me in his chamber with his army his mother and of course myself, all standing in front of the emerald door. I looked at him he looked at me, he gave me a wink and said I know my friend I will tell you all if we live. So we piled through there as many men as we could get in before it shut. It was way more than what the king had even described.He had warned us it would be overwhelming and that if any man wishes not to come he would not be judged, for this battle is beyond mortal men, we are at war with gods and devils. As we got through, it did not take long and they were upon us. This was the most epic battle we had ever been in, it was a spectacle to behold indescribably. The terrain and its inhabitants were fantastic in size and architecture truly immense. We battled for what seemed like an eternity. So many of our men got torn apart it was brutal. Our king raging wild-eyed no inhibitions he slaughtered freely, in his element. He loved peace but he was the king of all war, even when it came to gods and devils. Finally, we prevailed and their bodies vanished and our dead rose our torn were put back together. It was a sight to see. In seeing these things we knew that all had passed and that we were in control now. We all came back through the door and things are to you as they have always been peaceful. Only those who entered the door remember both timelines. You all remember us going through the door and coming back and there being no change only peace. For it took them all their resources to fight us so none could come here to fight. Unlike the first timeline. When we came back all things were as they should be this was our king’s intent. We did it we had won, and yes kumbala was there too. Now there is one more part of this story that needs telling, for up until now our king had not found a queen, however, the night we returned through the door we were looking up at the sky talking of all the recent events and star crashed a few miles from where we were. Well, he had to go see and what we found was well a naked woman who later became his queen that you all know. Upon meeting him she knew all of him, this moved him deeply. They have grown together and spent so much time in deep discussion. She loves to hear of the wars but he grows tired of these stories, he says we have had peace for so long why do we still talk of such things. So she will come to me sometimes to try and get more. She is currently still writing the books of the battles of our king. She is also trying to get him to talk about the mercenary years, I don’t think he’ll tell her. Our king still trains just because he loves it also loves spending time in the gardens the vineyards and sitting with the wise men talking for hours. And we get together with as many as who want to come often we enjoy our life peace together. There now you have been given the story of our king and the reason for the peace of our planet. I have seen these things, lived these things and the things I could not be there our king told me and was verified through the events that followed. And so everyone slept in peace as he had done under that tree at the beginning of our first campaign. His vision has come to pass and has been now for a very long time and as far as anyone can see will not end. Things are different now with no more gods and devils we are making our way and it is working so far, may our peace last forever. He and his queen go to the market every day just to spend time with his people he loves them so much, the queen says that his eyes sparkle when he is talking with them. In all the time I had known our king I had never seen him shed a tear, however whenever he gets back from the market he is so overwhelmed with his love for his people a few tears make their way out.




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